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Well what can I say what a year we have had !!!

With the addition of “Ceroc Dance” on a Wednesday Night and “Regiment

Dance” on Wednesday Afternoon & Thursday Afternoon & Evening the

Memorial Hall has done really well financially with a profit of over £15,000

We had 11 Private Parties, 3 Wedding Receptions, Skittles Evening and a

Barn Dance.

The Friday Tea Dance has done well with an average 40+ per week.

I would like to thank all the Clubs for using and supporting us and every person

that attended Events.

The first Year of the Membership Scheme has been well supported with some

members benefiting from discounts.

We have replaced the Car Park Lights at a cost of £1795.00

We donated £1000.00 to The Air Cadets to purchase Instruments for The

Remembrance Day Parade.

Unfortunately in November we lost “Regiment Dance” as they moved to their

own premises. I would like to Thank “Hayley” who runs the Dance Group for

her support and every success for their future.

With regard to future maintenance it is proposed that next year we Decorate

the Kitchen & Buffet Room, Re-surface the Buffet Room Floor and Re-surface

the Dance Floor.

Finally I need to thank all the Committee for their Work and Support over the


Brian Bentley


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